How to create crochet that sells

Crochet that sells - Yarn ObsessionHow to create crochet that sells. . .

The best thing is to not try to crochet things that will sell to everyone.

The best thing is to crochet for just one person. Make something amazing for just one person. Even better, make it so they’re overflowing with awe and gratitude and can’t sleep unless they choose to share the treasure they’ve found with just one other person.

The rest will take care of itself.

*This article is an ode to Seth Godin who wrote a simple post on his blog “How to write copy that goes viral” which had a huge impact. . . I thought it translated well.
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  1. Hi, Is the one paragraph “it”? Or is it a podcast (and which one is it? I see only two listed on the right side of the page)? Or where do I ‘click’ to get the article?
    Or am I supposed to read Seth’s whatever to glean what I can…

  2. That is a good one, and I believe in it. If you make that one thing and that person loves it it spreads faster than you think. I look back on all the things I have made over the years and how many people have commented “I want one”. That is what I am hoping happens now. Thank you for that simple but powerful statement.

“Hi! Just wanted to say that you did a GREAT job of explaining the HDC (half double crochet) edging for a single crochet blanket in your YouTube video. Thank you so much! God Bless” - Donna M.
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