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Hook Yourself Up: Pricing Crochet for Profit | Yarn ObsessionWhat this book is about:

Building confidence in your business

Hook Yourself Up: Pricing Crochet for Profit is about taking a journey filled with information on how to price your pieces, keep yourself in business and why your scale is perfect for you and your target audience.

Pricing is about confidence in yourself, what you do and how you do it.

When you know that you’ve priced for your target audience and business needs, you won’t worry when someone walks away, you’ll know in your gut that they just aren’t the right audience and that’s okay.

That’s true confidence and that’s what “Hook Yourself Up” offers to help you develop. True confidence in pricing.

Why you need this book:

To prosper in your business

When you decided to turn your hobby into a business the first question you asked was “How much should I charge?” So you visited other crochet shops and compared what they had to what you had and decided on a price.

I’m thinking that hasn’t worked very well because pricing is not about comparing, but calculating. Pricing is about knowing what you want, need and deserve and making sure you’re getting exactly that.

Every time a new opportunity shows itself you will have the information to prosper in that new venture.

Prosperity in business is not only about numbers, it’s about speaking to the right audience and growing your base. “Hook Yourself Up” will give you the formulas to help you know your business and target audience so well that prosperity is inevitable.

Why “Hook Yourself Up” is the best tool for your business:

Find happy customers

  • You’ll learn the right questions to ask and places to look for the target audience that will be happiest to do business with you.

Price for wholesale profit

  • You’ll learn how to price so that even when you sell wholesale you’re making a profit

Price for retail profit

  • You’ll learn to calculate your retail price with confidence

Price for “love” profit

  • You’ll learn how to ask your family & friends to pay a discounted price that still gives you a profit

Price for a sustainable business

  • Learn the most important thing needed to be in business for the long term

Add variety to what you offer

  • Learn different ways to create streams of income with your crochet skills

“Hook Yourself Up” the mission:

To teach crochet businesspeople how to stay in business by pricing confidently for growth and sustainability.

Hook Yourself Up Today

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Only $9.97 eBook

Only $14.97 Paperback


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