Haters Are Plenty, How to Stay Focused

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I’ve arrived! I’ve finally made it to the big time!

How do I know? Well, I once heard a prominent figure in business say “when the crazy’s come out and start leaving comments on your blog, you’ve arrived.”

So, it happened, which tells me two things: 1) You’re reading my blog; 2) I need to keep writing!

Ever notice how people ask what you REALLY plan to do with your talent? Are they telling you things like “You can’t make money with crochet” or asking “do you really think you can make REAL money doing that?” and my all-time favorite is this one “Crochet is a God-given talent, you should be ashamed for wanting to profit from it, you should give it all away.”

The haters always have a lot to say but thankfully we can find many people who can testify to a difference of opinion!

There’s a quote that says “Those who think it can’t be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

Today, I’m not just going to tell you about how I’ve made it (metaphorically speaking) I want to give you practical defenses to help you stay focused and understand that you too can make it (earning your own nasty comments and all!).

I’m going to dispel a few myths that the haters love to throw around to intimidate those who are doing what they aren’t.

You CAN make money with crochet

When I started Yarn Obsession, about 9 years ago, I made $300 dollars for the year. If you have a stash you know I spent WAY more than I made. I was fine with that because I loved every minute!

Fast forward to now and I’ve made almost $2,000 a month. Now, that may not get me a mansion, but it is what some people make in their jobs each year so it’s closer to freeing myself from a J O B than I would be if I didn’t try.

I know plenty of other women and men who are making more than I am with crochet, making a good living. So don’t you let anyone tell you money can’t be made. Yes it can!

Haters are Plenty How to Stay Focused | Yarn Obsession

You ARE going to get sales

I teach a course on finding your target audience. It’s not very crochet related, but I teach it because it’s important. It’s important mostly because it helps you know and understand the magic behind selling.

We think what we’re selling is crochet, when in reality what we’re selling is joy, pride, fashion, heirlooms, or whatever it is that your customer receives beyond the physical object you sell.

Think about it. When you buy a pair of pants, are you buying because you really need them, any pair of pants will do in that case, or because you think you really look good in them?  We could buy any pair of pants anywhere, but we choose to buy the ones we buy because of how they make us feel or what we believe we’ll gain by buying those particular pair of pants.

It’s the same with crochet. You won’t sell if you’re not aligning your message, your offer and your customer. When you learn to align those things, you’ll sell more than you ever thought possible!

You SHOULD profit from your God-given talent

This one is really special. I believe that if I profit from my God-given talent I can actually have enough money to donate to my God-driven desire to make a difference. But, beyond that, why would God give you a talent and expect you to give it away while working doing something you hate. No, my dear, God-given talent is to be used and multiplied (it’s actually in the bible) for your benefit and for others. Giving it away, all the time, isn’t the only way to use your talent for good in this world.

I’ve found the more I profit, the more I can give, the more abundance I have. How is that not the right thing? I don’t believe any God-given talent should be given away and not profited from because that would mean everything and everyone is doing evil in the world. Even the Church employs people (which means they get paid) who’s talents are in reaching others, comforting others, helping others etc.

So, the next time you hear any of these hater “excuses” remember, you’re DOING what they aren’t and loving every minute of it! That’s what life is about. You don’t need to respond to their negativity, just know, in your heart, what you’re doing is worth the time, effort, God-given talent that goes into it and make something awesome!

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