Crochet Tutorial for the Catherine Wheel Wool Eater Blanket

Wool Eater Blanket Tutorial

Crochet Tutorial for the Catherine Wheel Wool Eater Blanket


This crochet tutorial video is on how to do the Wool Eater Blanket by Sarah London. Sarah does amazing things in crochet with color and texture. If you haven’t had the chance before now, you should go by Sarah’s website and take a look. This “Wool Eater Blanket” is a free pattern from her website which produces an amazing piece of work. Because I am a visual learner, and I’ve gotten a few requests for this tutorial, I decided to go ahead and create this video to help others, like me, who are visual crochet learners.

I’d love to hear what you think of this blanket. Also, if you have a chance to make your own, I’d love to see it at the Yarn Obsession Facebook page. Happy hooking!

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  1. It is an amazing wool eater actually.

  2. I absolutely love this.

  3. I love this blanket! I’ve loaded up the instructions from Sarah London’s site but can’t figure out how to make one large square instead of smaller squares. ALSO, I can’t view this video! Could you give me a simple tip? I know how to follow patterns and I’ve got the basic square down. Hope to post a pic soon! Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Patrice, in order to go past the small square you will need to repeat rows 3 and 4 with each round. You’ll make sure to do 8 tr over the 8-together stitches and 12 tr in the top of the corner groups. Let me know if that helps.

“Hi! Just wanted to say that you did a GREAT job of explaining the HDC (half double crochet) edging for a single crochet blanket in your YouTube video. Thank you so much! God Bless” - Donna M.
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