Crochet items that sell well

¬†Crochet Items That Sell Well Today I’m going to answer a very big question, “what crochet items sell well?”¬† I cannot always answer this question. Not because I don’t understand the question, but because I don’t understand why it’s being asked. The idea behind this question is that there are specific items that when made…

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Six ways for better handmade exposure

Better exposure for handcrafted products

Six ways for better handmade exposure   If you’ve been paying any attention you know there is a trend toward more cottage industry products. When I say cottage industry I mean handcrafted unique pieces from wash cloths to furniture. However, what will make handcrafted pieces stand out is not how they’re made, but how they…

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Does your crochet stink?

Dog with Poo by Grant Cochrane on

Have you ever wondered if your crochet stinks? Does your crochet stink? You’ve worked on a project with care and you’ve posted it for sale, but in the back of your mind you’re wondering if it stinks. I have. Oh, I know your workmanship is perfect, I mean you really wonder if it stinks! Can…

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What’s the best business card information?

Information for your business card

What’s the best business card information you can supply your customers? You’ve started a crochet business and you’re not sure what exactly needs to be on your business card. Since you work from home you’re sure you don’t want to put your address, but beyond that, you aren’t sure. Here’s a quick guide to help…

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