2015 Fall Crochet Fashion Trends

2015 Fall Crochet Fashion Trends | Yarn Obsession

2015 Fall Crochet Fashion Trends (affiliate links in post) Remember that anticipatory feeling you got every year toward the end of summer. You knew that a new school year was going to start and you could barely containĀ  your excitement. There was “back-to-school” shopping and the thought of wearing all your new clothes was enough…

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Do you have a yarn obsession?

Do you have a Yarn Obsession?

Do you have a yarn obsession? So, someone who doesn’t crochet or knit or play with yarn in any way asked me “what is a yarn obsession?” I said “It’s the same as any obsession but it’s good for you.” The puzzled look I got told me that they would never understand. Those of us…

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Recommended Crochet Books

Crochet books to help build your business

Recommended Crochet Books   Last week I introduced you to a list of books I thought would help with building your crochet business. (Book for your crochet business) None of the books were crochet related because in order to build your business you need a well-rounded library. However, this week I want to introduce you…

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