Loopy the Crochet Loofah

Loopy free crochet loofah pattern | Yarn Obsession

It is sincerely my pleasure to introduce you to “Loopy” the crochet loofah! Crochet is fun, there’s no doubt about that, but coming up with unique projects can be challenging. I decided to make “Loopy” after doing the tutorial for the “Chain Loop Stitch” because I love the stitch so much! What’s really awesome is…

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Bohemian Scrap Yarn Belt

Bohemian Scrap Yarn Belt Crochet Pattern | Yarn Obsession

Don’t you just love when inspiration hits?! This free Bohemian Scrap Yarn project is fun & easy! If you’re like me, you not only have a stash, but you’ve got tons of scrap yarn you just can’t throw away! Never fear! This scrap yarn belt will help clear the scraps in your stash in no…

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Ridged Chevron Cowl – Crochet Pattern

Ridged Chevron Cowl Crochet Pattern | Yarn Obsession

It’s another fun practice pattern! Okay, I’m gonna confess, I really love making these quick and easy patterns because it gives me a chance to play with my yarn and design something that will not only help you practice a new stitch, but create something useful and fun at the same time. This chevron crochet…

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