Yoola – Yael Falk

Yael Falk of Yoola on Etsy

Yoola by Yael Falk on Etsy There all sorts of things you can do with crochet and Yoola by Yael Falk is an amazing example of that. When I came across Yael’s page, I fell in love! Not just because I love crochet in general, but because what she was creating was so incredibly unique…

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What’s the best business card information?

Information for your business card

What’s the best business card information you can supply your customers? You’ve started a crochet business and you’re not sure what exactly needs to be on your business card. Since you work from home you’re sure you don’t want to put your address, but beyond that, you aren’t sure. Here’s a quick guide to help…

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