8 Ways to Increase Etsy Sales

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8 Ways to Increas Etsy Sales | Yarn Obsession

8 Ways to Increase Etsy Sales

 Guest Post By Sara Duggan of Crochet Business Blog


Hello YarnObsession Fans. I’m so honored to be a guest today as part of my 15 week crocheting a business blog tour. I’m Sara Duggan the editor of crochetbusiness.com. I just released the second edition of Hooking for Cash: 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Crochet Blog. Sedie is a great business mentor and her books on Pricing Crochet and Target Market are just what the Crochet Business community needs.

8 Ways to Increase Etsy Sales

Are you losing sales to your competition? It doesn’t have to be that way. Do what top sellers do and increase Etsy sales with these 8 actionable steps.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify your niche or corner of the market to reach your target audience
  • Find out why having your own website or blog is an important step in your business growth
  • Win your traffic by creating landing pages for specific results like selling your products
  • Connect with your buyers with an email list and on social media
  • Track your efforts so you can analyze your return on investment and make needed changes

Step 1: Find Your Niche and Stick to it like Glue

A niche is your corner of the marketplace. Knowing what your specific niche is will significantly increase your bottom line. Once you know who they are and where to find them, stick to them and don’t waver. Serve them only and you will be miles ahead of many shop owners.

Example: Noadi on Etsy. Sherry is the owner of Noadi on Etsy. She makes marine themed jewelry and figurines out of polymer clay. This is her little space. She isn’t trying to serve the doll figures, sweets or woodland animal’s consumer she is targeting marine lovers, cuttlefish fans to be more specific.

Step 2: Find Your Target Market (1 Customer)

Finding the right customers for what you create will increase sales. Your target audience is made of the people you direct your marketing toward. Instead of spending time and money on a wide group of “everyone” concentrate on those who want what you have to sell. Noadi as an example again, learned a valuable lesson from selling at craft shows. Consumers for her product don’t go to craft shows. The main audience for many craft shows are young families and retirees. They did not see the point of an Octopus necklace. When she did a show at the local comic convention (comi-con), a gathering for comic and anime fans, they were all over it. Once she found her “hot spot” sales for her jewelry increased.

Step 3: Build a Blog on Your Own Hosting

Trust me when I say that having your own website will benefit you more than having multiple stores across the internet. When I say “your own” I am referring to your own hosting as opposed to free hosting.

Example: Etsy. Your shop is hosted by Etsy. For this you pay fees. The same goes for free hosting. You may not pay money but you do pay in other ways. For example, you have to have their link and/or advertisements on your blog. Having a place to call your own makes it easier for you to build a relationship with your customers. Share your handmade story and update your customers when new products are listed. You can also sell your crochet directly on your blog with e-commerce tools.

Step 4: Have an Email List

You may not see a need for a mailing list so you neglect this very necessary tool. When you sell something you can send a short message thanking them OR you can send them to your sign up page and connect with them on a long-term basis. Doing that will make it easier for you to give them priority notice when you have new pieces. You can share more intimately with them while developing a relationship. Once they know you and trust you they will buy from you on a repeated basis which will increase sales and sustain your business. Another reason you to have an email list is to ‘own’ your contacts. What I mean is that if Etsy or another free hosted service such as Facebook were to delete your account or close you would lose most if not all your contacts.

How will they know what happened? Just send them a quick email letting them know what happened. If you don’t have this option, this can’t be done. Are you on Sedie’s email list?

Step 5: Direct Traffic to a Landing Page (get them on your list)

“A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent to specifically prompt a certain action or result.” ~ Brian Clark, CopyBlogger.com

Assuming you took my advice and made your blog/website then you can write a page directly to your ideal customer. You can invite your viewer to sign up for your mailings or you may try to showcase a new product and offer a limited amount of pre-sales. Doesn’t it make sense to market to the people who want to buy your creations?

Step 6: Track Your Results

The beauty of having your own blog, an email list and utilizing a landing page is that you can track your results through analytics. Using something like Google Analytics (free to use) to monitor traffic to your blog and your landing page will help you see what’s working and what’s not. Most mail providers have a way to measure click-thru rates (how many people clicked the link in your email). This information can be used to see what is converting to sales so you can repeat the process.

Step 7: Connect with Your Customers (Social Media)

With more and more people using mobile devices such phones and tablets social media has become a very important part of business marketing. It is a way to befriend your admirers. Show them there is a real person behind the product they are buying. Share photos of the minute details you put into your pieces and the care that goes into selecting just the right fabric or stone. You’ve heard of viral content or videos? This happens when a large number of people share the same information. Do you recall the Rebecca Black viral video “Friday”? Since September 2011 this video has been played 54, 174, 200 times (as of June 18, 2013). It was even used in a Kohl’s Black Friday ad that same year. Now you may not get those results but you can certainly see what I am getting at. Social Media is where it’s at and you need to use it.

Step 8: Analyze Results – Stop what is not working and Increase what is

Once you start tracking your efforts you will see if you are getting a return on your investment (ROI). Did that landing page convert well? Did your readers enjoy your last blog post? Was your holiday coupon well received? These can be tracked which makes it easier for you to analyze your marketing efforts. Are they making money? Why? Why not? Sometimes a small change in the copy (wording) of your landing page or email is all your need to make a sale. Did your holiday coupon convert well? Consider using it again the following year.


Stop wasting time and energy chasing your customers. Utilize these proven marketing methods to convert your traffic into sales, find your niche, identify your customer, make a website or blog, start a mailing list, use a landing page to get the results you want, track your efforts with a program like Google Analytics, share your love for your creative process through social media, and analyze your results adjusting as needed. Apply these 8 strategies to your Etsy shop and you’ll soon see an increase in sales.

Sarah Duggan Mom With a HookLike what you just read? Visit Sara at CrochetBusiness.com and while you’re there, register for a Hooking for Cash 101 a 31 Days to Prepare Your Blog for Monetization eCourse. Each day you’ll receive an email from me with 1 actionable step to take. By the end of the 31 days your blog should be ready to make some cash.